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The Woodburning Bible

In the world of wood burning and chimney sweeping, there is no book revered quite like Norwegian Wood by Lars Mytting. I myself am not a big book person but I have personally read this book cover to cover more than once.

“Norwegian Wood: Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way,” dives right into the art and science of firewood. Lars focuses on the tradition of handling firewood, particularly focusing on the Scandinavian perspective and delves deep into the cultural, historical, and practical aspects of this ancient practice.

Lars Mytting

In the book, Mytting journeys through the various stages of wood preparation, from selecting the right trees to proper cutting techniques. He shares valuable insights into the art of stacking and drying wood, highlighting the importance of optimal moisture content for efficient and clean burning (Something I spend a lot of time talking about during my day to day life as a chimney sweep). He also talks about and offers advice for how to get the best out of your woodburner, something we can all benefit from.

“Norwegian Wood” combines practical advice with fascinating anecdotes, particularly romanticising the splitting and stacking process of preparing firewood in the early spring months. Mytting’s love for wood and his meticulous attention to detail make this book not only a practical guide for firewood enthusiasts but also a celebration of nature and the firewood process. You can practically smell the cosy wood cabins and leather lumberjack gloves through the pages as he writes.

Want to know more about what the ‘woodburning bible’ can teach you? You can pick up your copy here.