Articles and Media

Articles and media

Jennings Chimney Sweeping has been featured in magazines multiple times since it’s conception in 2019. The first time Jennings Chimney Sweeping appeared in a publication was in the 2020 March edition of Living magazine where founder Kristian Jennings was interviewed over his decision to migrate to France and start a business in Chimney Sweeping. Since then, Kristian has written multiple articles for Etcetera Magazine on all things chimney related and has featured on ‘Breakfast time with MWP’ on Time Out Radio.

Etcetera Magazine January 2023

The Chimney Sweep and the Pig - A New Year's tale

Etcetera Magazine December 2022

The Yule Log - How an ancient nordic ritual became a modern day tradition

Etcetera Magazine November 2022

Why Wood Pellet Prices Have Tripled in 2022

Etcetera Magazine October 2022

Your Fire Hates Your New Double Glazing!

Etcetera Magazine September 2022

Top 5 gadgets you need for your fireplace this winter

Etcetera Magazine January 2022

Can I Burn My Christmas Tree?

Etcetera Magazine December 2021

Fireplace Folklore

Etcetera Magazine November 2021

Using Briquettes in your wood burner

Time out radio 25/09/2021

Breakfast with MWP

Etcetera Magazine September 2021

Blackened Glass, Anyone?

Etcetera Magazine July 2021

Why Chimneys Small Bad In The Summer

Etcetera Magazine December 2020

A Sweep is as lucky as lucky can be

Living Magazine March 2020

A Clean Sweep