Débistrage Price Calculator

Please try our price calculator below to get an estimate of how much your Débistrage will cost

Chimney Depth is assumed to be 50cm or less.

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This calculator estimates the cost of a débistrage for a standard, straight Chimney with no complications. Additional time and resources spent are chargeable on top of the estimated price.

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Measurement Guide

  • Chimney Height is measured starting from the Chimney

The Chimney is to be measured from the Chimney Opening, not including the hearth or the fireplace itself up to the termination point. If your Chimney Terminates through a clay pot, the measurement will be taken from the base of the pot.

  • Chimney Width is to be measured from the widest point of the Chimney. 

This is due to our equipment needing to be set up for the widest part of the Chimney and not being reconfigured for every new width in the chimney

  • Chimney Depth is inclusive of all depths up to 50cm

For Chimneys with more depth, the quote price will be multiplied by 0.1 per 5cm.